The Rest Will Follow

It’s a funny thing when you strike out on your own professionally as a parent. You’re not happy with the weekly grind while you miss your kids, you never have time for anything, and somehow you think being an entrepreneur is going to help any of this get better. We all have delusions of grandeur from time to time. We always shrug our shoulders and tell others to simply do what they love, and the rest will follow. That’s a pretty simple and vague way of saying, “put in 80 hours a week, make sure the kids brush their teeth, and sleep for a few minutes every couple of days.”

Being a parent is time-consuming enough, but it is the greatest joy in your life. Does putting food on the table have to be a struggle between professional achievement and soul satisfaction? Maybe for some people. We all have hobbies that we love, and there’s no reason you can’t make it a fulfilling career. Here’s mine: raw natural and organic ingredients handcrafted by me into a collection of signature health and beauty products. Go check them out, they’re listed right in the description.

Some people build remote-controlled airplanes, some people hike, and some people do photography. I make you look, feel, and smell great. So while you’re glowing as you walk into that interview, I’ll be up late grinding out herbs and essential oils making the ends meet.¬†And maybe after I’m done with a fresh batch of Vegan Lavender and Lemon Essential Oils Hand-Whipped Body Butter, some rest will follow.

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