My Not So Secret Love Affair With Coffee

IMG_1324If there was a hypothetical situation where there was no coffee in my house one morning, I’m convinced there is little you could say to me where anything would get done let alone maybe even having a reason to get out of bed. It very literally is that important to me. I can’t function without it. Perhaps I have undiagnosed narcolepsy, but that’s highly unlikely because I barely sleep. Even when I do sleep though, I have an unruly Pavlovian response when my alarm goes off…straight to the coffee pot. No pit stops.

i just love everything about it. The smell, the sound of the drip when it brews, the warmth washing over me in the morning as it wakes me up and as the day progresses, I’ll brew pots and then ice them down to drink the rest of the day. It’s safe to say, coffee has never let me down and is my most loyal friend.

This is why it was only appropriate that my first product I put together and put up for sale in my very own business was, you guessed it, the I’m Awake! Vegan Coffee Sugar Scrub. I’m proud of this one in a different way than the rest. It’s made from one of my favorite things on Earth but it’s unique because it does amazing things without having essential oils in it.

Reasearch has shown when coffee is rubbed into the skin such as in a sugar scrub, the caffeine soaks in and breaks down cellulite. It also evens out skin tone and age spots. My particular recipe has organic, unrefined coconut oil in it which does many things but it balances out the moisture in your skin. It’s amazing! And speaking of it as a sugar scrub as a whole, gentle enough to use on your face I might add, after you exfoliate your whole body, it is unreal how amazing your skin will feel. I promise, it will be your second favorite kind of coffee!

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