Available Now: My New Favorite Thing

IMG_1436.JPGWe all find things every once in a great while that we just can’t go without. This is one of mine. It’s new. It’s clean. It’s indulgent. I have to admit I made this one entirely with what scents and sensations I would want when I used a sugar scrub and this is what happened. My Lavender Tee Tree Sugar Scrub has a beautiful, palpable smell the fills your bathroom with one of the best things I have ever experienced. It’s relaxing but wakes you up. It’s moisturizing with lavender essential oil  and coconut oil and also repairs and clears skin with tea tree oil. It exfoliates away all the old news with raw, fair trade, organic sugar and when you step out of that bath or shower, you not only smell new, you feel that way. This new scrub is not just a scrub, it’s an awakening. Available now! at http://www.etsy.com/shop/allycatsalleyIMG_1429

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