Dynamic Duo

IMG_1508Coming this week I’m going to be releasing my first matching set, a match in heaven I would say. Last week I was in a rut. I wanted to make something fun, pretty, YUMMY. I ended up making a White Grapefruit and Sweet Orange Essential  Oils Salt Scrub. It was everything I had hoped for, Sweet and fresh, but even after moisturizing scrubs, I like to use body butter afterwards. That’s when I decided it was time. Time to finally make my first matching set of products. Don’t get me wrong, the scrub truly can hold its own. But when I finished making that first batch of body butter, I saw the light. I could keep throwing around words like heaven, sweet, delicious, fresh…it’s just not enough. After I washed off my day testing the White Grapefruit and Sweet Orange Salt Scrub in the shower, I felt like I was shining! Not only is the smell clean and beautiful but my skin felt brand new! Then came that wonderful butter and I felt spoiled! It went on like velvet and smelled the same as the scrub(of course). The salt scrub made me shine, but the body butter, it makes you glow.IMG_1509

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