The Many Phases of My Brainstorm

maskrecipepicThe Picture you are looking at is my seventh version of what will be one of two versions of an Activated Bamboo Charcoal Face Mask. I have been working on this for weeks, because unlike my normal line of scrubs and butters, it’s a bit new to me.

I started with the most basic of recipes and ways of mixing and found there was a little more research to be had on this one. Lots of the DIY recipes you will find out there contain glue, yes GLUE, that helps it form into a mask-like substance. I’ve decided on going the all natural route and will be using bentonite clay. The clay not only is known for detoxification and other awesome things, but I’m not going to start adding random chemicals, and certainly not glue, to my recipes now šŸ™‚


I now have ended up with two versions of this mask: The Original Peel and The Wash Off. Both contain the activated bamboo charcoal, the bentonite clay and essential oils, but I had to variate the peel a bit to make it into an easy wash off version. (Don’t worry, just some additional natural ingredients you will love!) I decided on making the alternate version after hearing and reading about how it can be uncomfortable taking off the original face peel version. So keeping that in mind, I also have improved the peel to make it come off a bit easier but keep in mind, this mask is intended to be intense and take out all dirt and toxins from your skin.

I thought I would make this the first project I shared through blogging from beginning to end with you because it will truly be an adventure, I’ve never made this before and you’ve never watched me! (Ha!) Once I finish up those recipes today, I will start cooking, so they say. I will take pictures and maybe a video of me making this project from start to finish and hopefully we come out the end of this with one shiny diamond!


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