Tunnel Vision

905C2CE1-FC0F-48B5-8D68-AB7844B52D47I just went crazy in my “lab”, also known as my kitchen. After I spent a good forty minutes sanitizing the whole place top to bottom, I went into my “machine mode” as my kids say. IMG_1578.JPGI started with three bowls. One with the White Grapefruit and Sweet Orange Essential Oils Salt Scrub and the other one with matching body butter ingredients. The third was filled with all the good things that make up the Green Tea and Mint Essential Oil Sugar Scrub and I somehow started making all three at the same time. It was a flurry of pictures, posts, mixing, melting and measuring. When those were finished, I started in on two more.IMG_1582IMG_1584IMG_1589I then started in on the Lavender Lemon Essential Oil Body Butter and the Margarita and Lime Essential Oil Salt Scrub. After taking a flurry of pictures, I took inventory. I still had Coffee Sugar Scrub and Lavender Tea Tree Essential Oil Sugar Scrub made so I was missing just one! IMG_1588So as I finished mixing up the last missing creation, Lemon Coconut Body Butter with Lemon Essential Oil of course, I put the mix into the fridge to cool before I whip it into butter. I decided to pull myself out of the zone and write this to you while I wait and do what else? Have a cup of coffee while I wait.

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