Happy Feet

IMG_1672Meet your owner! My name is Alison Taylor and I have a passion for health. I also have always tried to find the most natural things to use on and in my body which is what led me here.IMG_1674



I’ve done extensive research, workshops and webinar classes to train on how to use Essential Oils properly and have come up with my own own recipes for my creations.
By not adding water to anything, it increases the effectiveness of each ingredient I put in my recipes. For example:
When you buy a shea butter based body butter at the store, that weight you feel is mostly water whipped in. My butters are nothing but shea butter, refined coconut oil, sweet almost oil and the Essential Oils. I then whip them at high speed to give them that smooth, luxurious feeling.The ONLY things your skin needs with no added water or preservatives.
I work from home and have created a sterile area in my kitchen for my work only. Cleanliness is important not only to me but should be to you too. When buying online, you should always know the owner/producer’s process. I love to play around with scents and mediums and I could never get bored creating!
The next line I’m coming out with will be a bit of a surprise! It’s a bit off the beaten track for me since I’ve been doing direct skin care for so long but I wanted to try something totally new. So stay turned for that!IMG_1192
At the end of the day, I’m just a woman, doing what makes her happy because,…it’s about time!

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