Dynamic Duo

Coming this week I’m going to be releasing my first matching set, a match in heaven I would say. Last week I was in a rut. I wanted to make something fun, pretty, YUMMY. I ended up making a White Grapefruit and Sweet Orange Essential  Oils Salt Scrub. It was everything I had hoped for,…

Making it

Here are just the first few templates I have FINALLY picked out for my labels! I only got a few actually labeled today but it’s quite a start given how picky I was getting to this point! I’ve chosen a vintage apothecary theme for the product packaging and I am almost certain I won’t change…

Join The Conversation!

Join the wellness conversation and message me your favorite tips and tricks. I will then post them with your name or anonymously if you’d like. Let’s start a community of health!

What Are Essential Oils?

After doing a little more scrounging around, I found some more great one page resources to help explain just exactly essential oils are and a great chart on how you can use many of the most popular ones! I like to include information about the ingredients I use to help you better understand why I…

Custom Orders!

Ask me about personal and custom orders! I am also more than happy to schedule a home visit to show you what I’m all about if you are in the Elgin, IL area!

Thank you!

A big Thank You to my new friends and clients! You are the reason I do what I do!

Available Now: My New Favorite Thing

We all find things every once in a great while that we just can’t go without. This is one of mine. It’s new. It’s clean. It’s indulgent. I have to admit I made this one entirely with what scents and sensations I would want when I used a sugar scrub and this is what happened….

Welcome To The Party Lemon Coconut!

So here is the first of the two creations I was talking about, the Vegan Lemon Coconut Body Butter! Made with Lemon essential oil, shea butter, organic, virgin coconut oil, and sweet almond oil, this body butter not only smells great but has amazing health benefits. The lemon essential oil is known for being great…

Shiny, New Things!

I usually don’t roll out my projects/products this fast, but I have just had one come out after another.  So I tried to hold off as long as I could after my margarita debut, but I can’t wait anymore!  I now have added a Vegan Lemon Coconut Body Butter and Vegan Lavender Tea Tree Sugar…